Mobile Friendly Site Drives Attorney Site Conversions

Interactive Search Marketing | Atlanta SEO | Atlanta Web DesignC. Golden & Associates was doing OK but the site had a higher bounce rate than desired and fewer conversions that ideal.  After a review of stie traffic patterns and other details we discussed options with them and decided on a new website that would focus of the mobile user (50% of their traffic) and make simple conversions the corner stone of the re-design.


C. Golden & Associates’ s old website was a typical bankruptcy attorney website. It’s main points were that bankruptcy could get you out debt, gave prices for their services, and asked you to file immediately. However, they had the same problem that most bankruptcy attorneys have with their website: it was boring and dated.

When we redesigned their site, we gave them a design that is unlike any other law firm out there. Their new website focuses on how they can solve financial problems, while making it easy to contact them. Instead of using images of happy families, we created  8-bit PNG illustrations, which look great and load extremely fast (they take less than a second to load on a 56k dial-up connection). The quickly loading images, along with the simple navigation, ensures that customers in emergency situations, who often are without high-speed internet, are able to load the site and contact Golden extremely quickly and easily.

Old Site

Interactive Search Marketing | Atlanta SEO

New Site


Mobile Priority

Golden was already benefiting from our SEO services before deciding on a new website. One of the things that we were able to tell them was that {more than half} of their traffic was coming from mobile devices. They explained to us that most of their clients did not call until they realized they were in a bad situation, which usually included not having home internet. In response to what we knew, one of our focuses was giving C. Golden & Associates a website with a contact form that that was extremely easy to use on mobile devices.


Old Mobile Site

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New Mobile Friendly Site

Interactive Search Marketing | Atlanta SEO

Did the new website increase the conversion rate? Check out these tables:

Month Before
Bounce rate56%
Conversion rate1%

Month After
Bounce rate25%
Conversion rate5%

Problems Solved

  • Gave Golden a unique online presence
  • Decreased bounce rate
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Increased online accessibility