8 Good Pieces of Advice for Creating Domain Names!

Choosing the right domain name is the most important step when building a website. It doesn’t matter if it’s a company website or a blog, your point is to get traffic. You want customers and readers to see you, and to take your product seriously.

9 Good Pieces of Advice for domain names!

  1. Always go with .com! It’s the most widely accepted extension for domain names.Domains
  2. Choose a name with only one possible spelling. This makes it easier for visitors to find your site as opposed to your competitor.
  3. The shorter, the better. The shorter your domain name is the easier it is to remember.
  4. Would it look good in a commercial? Think of what your domain name that would look like in commercials or on a billboard.
  5. Absolutely-No-Hyphens. Avoid hyphens all together. It’s likely that your visitors aren’t going to remember them, let alone where they go.
  6. Buy up those other extensions! As well as your .com, buy .biz and .info. These are commercial extensions that you can redirect to your .com domain to ensure that all traffic comes to you!
  7. Pay the Price! Free servers usually are going to be ignored by search engines. Pay for your server.
  8. Keywords baby! Choose a domain name that includes keywords that are related to your site. If you sell “stone” use stone in your domain name.
  9. Avoid numbers for letters! To does not equal 2. For does not equal 4. “deliver2u4cheap.com” Looks as bad as it is hard to remember.

These certainly will help in making sure that you get visitors turned customers. You want to avoid all things silly, ridiculous, and clever. Stick to something simple and relevant to make sure that your taken seriously and traffic keeps coming in!