Mobile Friendly Site Drives Attorney Site Conversions

Interactive Search Marketing | Atlanta SEO | Atlanta Web DesignC. Golden & Associates was doing OK but the site had a higher bounce rate than desired and fewer conversions that ideal.  After a review of stie traffic patterns and other details we discussed options with them and decided on a new website that would focus of the mobile user (50% of their traffic) and make simple conversions the corner stone of the re-design.


C. Golden & Associates’ s old website was a typical bankruptcy attorney website. It’s main points were that bankruptcy could get you out debt, gave prices for their services, and asked you to file immediately. However, they had the same problem that most bankruptcy attorneys have with their website: it was boring and dated.

When we redesigned their site, we gave them a design that is unlike any other law firm out there. Their new website focuses on how they can solve financial problems, while making it easy to contact them. Instead of using images of happy families, we created  8-bit PNG illustrations, which look great and load extremely fast (they take less than a second to load on a 56k dial-up connection). The quickly loading images, along with the simple navigation, ensures that customers in emergency situations, who often are without high-speed internet, are able to load the site and contact Golden extremely quickly and easily.

Old Site

Interactive Search Marketing | Atlanta SEO

New Site


Mobile Priority

Golden was already benefiting from our SEO services before deciding on a new website. One of the things that we were able to tell them was that {more than half} of their traffic was coming from mobile devices. They explained to us that most of their clients did not call until they realized they were in a bad situation, which usually included not having home internet. In response to what we knew, one of our focuses was giving C. Golden & Associates a website with a contact form that that was extremely easy to use on mobile devices.


Old Mobile Site

Interactive Search Marketing | Atlanta SEO


New Mobile Friendly Site

Interactive Search Marketing | Atlanta SEO

Did the new website increase the conversion rate? Check out these tables:

Month Before
Bounce rate56%
Conversion rate1%

Month After
Bounce rate25%
Conversion rate5%

Problems Solved

  • Gave Golden a unique online presence
  • Decreased bounce rate
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Increased online accessibility

SEO Friendly Website with Responsive Framework

Atlanta SEO | Atlanta Web Development | Interactive Search MarketingWhen we started working with New Urban Forestry, their old website ranked well but it was lacking in functionality and generally in need of an upgrade. We redesigned the website using a responsive framework and retained existing content to create a new website that not only maintained their existing rankings, optimized pages for additional areas, and delivered the cross platform device support that they needed.


When designing the look and functionality of their new site, one of the problems we solved was how to integrate their new logo into the website. Their logo is a black and white graphic, which worked well for clothing and other printed media, but it did not fit well into a website layout. The solution we created for them used recognizable elements of their logo, and gave it attractive coloring and placement. The result was a homepage header that grabs attention and encourages further website navigation.

Interactive Search Marketing | Atlanta SEO | Atlanta Web Design


Old Site

Interactive Search Marketing | Atlanta SEO | Atlanta Web Design


New Site

Interactive Search Marketing | Atlanta SEO | Atlanta Web Design

Mobile Functionality

Not only was their old site unattractive on a desktop, but it wasn’t responsive or optimized for mobile devices, either. Now, their new site loads quickly on all devices, and navigation is easy on touch-screens.


Old Mobile Site

Unresponsive Website | Interactive Search Marketing | Atlanta SEO Company


New Mobile Site

Responsive Website Design | Interactive Search Marketing | Atlanta SEO Company

Problems solved:

  • Redesigned website to give company a unique look that sets them apart from their competition
  • Overhauled navigation to be user-friendly on all devices
  • Gave New Urban Forestry the ability to sell products directly from their website
  • Launched new site without damaging existing rankings while creating new top ranking terms in the site content

Check out, or search for “Athens tree service” to see for yourself!

International Tire Company Cruises

This company is an international seller of off-the-road tires and mining tires for heavy trucks and equipment. To help this company become more internationally recognized and gain an audience online, we built a new website and created an SEO strategy that worked for this specific niche market. Within 6 months of the new site’s launch we had placement in the top three spots in Google’s SERPs for 95% of the keywords for this company. Business was booming, and they were very pleased with our work.

Student Loan Company Soars

This company was in need of a web over haul.  Their previous website was outdated, and the old webmaster was unreachable.  We were able to design and build them a new website complete with an SEO strategy and analytics package.  They rank well for many top keywords in their field of work, and in only 1 month from the site launch their traffic has grown by 100%.

Welding Exhaust Co. Blows Past Competition

When we began working with this company they were practically invisible online.  We designed and built them a new website that showcases all of their products and many of their complex specs. for each one.  Once the new website was launched they began to take over Google’s SERPs and now outrank their competitors (large nationally known companies) for their products and services.

Fence Company’s Wishes Fulfilled

We started with a blank slate with a local fence company. They had no visibility on the web, we built them a new website and created a comprehensive SEO strategy. Now when searching for a fence company in one of their service areas there they are.  This company’s call volume is through the roof, even in the colder months when business is usually at a lull.

Car Dealer Clarity

This car dealer was stuck with a website supplied by GM with an analytics package that provided little information about performance. ISM completely revamped the website and began a new SEO strategy, as well as a thorough reporting package to show the results of our efforts.  Now this car company’s website out ranks most of it’s competitors for and they have traffic coming in from all over the South East and other parts of the US.

Law Firm Redux

This law firm’s website provided a lot of useful information for their potential clients.  However, it wasn’t being delivered in a user friendly way.  We redesigned their website and were able to increase their user traffic by leaps and bounds.  They now rank high for many of their industry’s leading keywords and out rank a lot of their competition. This meant that this law firm which was at one time getting maybe 1 conversion from the website per day, was now getting 10+.  A huge improvement in ROI.

Stone Co. Goes National

This manufactured stone company was nearly impossible to find online, even with a previous SEO company’s efforts.  We did a complete over haul on their old website and made it more user friendly, while adding a way for this manufacturer to showcase all of their different products in a beautiful way.  This small local business now gets a ton of traffic online and out ranks a Fortune 500 company for the same products and services.

Car Repair Shop Tune Up

This car repair shop specializes in all Asian import models, and picked up three more brands. However, they couldn’t be found online, even with such a specialty market. With our help we were able to built them a new website that showcased all of their services and created an SEO strategy that really worked for them. They are now within the first three results on all three major search engine for their auto service and repair. Business has increased dramatically.

“The shop is always full!” – Shop Owner