Bing Makes Some Big changes, Here’s What to Expect

Atlanta SEO Company, Interactive Search Marketing, talks about the newest changes to Bing.  With all the changes that Google has been implementing it should come as no surprise that Bing is also trying to shake things up. For awhile now Microsoft has been trying to gain some ground on the search engine leader (Google) and they are now leveraging their investment in Facebook to offer something that Google cannot.

Bing will soon be rolling out a brand new interface that incorporates your social media contacts into your search results via a sidebar. In essence, it will operate just like the search engine always has but it will also show information from your social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

BingFor example, if you were to run a search for information about Georgia, the search engine will gather information from:

  • The Internet ( Just like it always has)
  • Your Facebook profile ( To find any mention of the search term Georgia)
  • Your friends Facebook profiles (To find out who may live in Georgia, vacation in Georgia or have some kind of expertise in it)
  • What you and your friends have liked on Facebook
  • Facebook Photos

Once it has gathered the information, it will give you the standard search results plus a list of social media contacts in a sidebar that may have additional information about your search term. So, if you have a friend on Facebook that said they live in Georgia or posted a picture tagged with the word Georgia,  they might appear in your search sidebar.

While many people see this as a great way to integrate social networking into search results, others are not so sure. Quite a few Facebook users feel that the social media site is already too intrusive, and they do not want to give it even more control over standard online tasks.

This may be Bing’s chance to take a few users away from Google. In essence, Google is pairing a relatively unpopular social media site with the most popular search engine to date but Bing is pairing a relatively unpopular search engine with the two most popular social media sites to date. The new Bing interface is set to launch in a few weeks and anyone interested in social media or search engine optimization will be watching very closely to see what effect it may have.